How do I collect your artwork?   I will be setting up an online shop for instant payment, but in the meantime, please either send me an email and I will respond with payment details etc, or go to one of the online galleries that shows my work, where you will be able buy instantly to receive in post.  Different works may be on different sites, so if there is something that you want that is not listed on your preferred gallery, let me know and I can easily add it.

How much will postage and packing be?  This all depends on the piece and where you are.  Drop me a line about the piece you are interested in and I will work it out for you.  I pass on the costs, I don’t add any charges. If you want a specific carrier, let me know what that is.

How can I know if the art will suit my decor?  In the first instance I can provide you with further photos and if you send me a photo of where the work will be, I can add a photo of the work to give you an indication of what it could look like.  If you find the piece doesn’t work for you after you’ve received it, you can return it to me for a refund of the item, assuming it is in the same condition. Outward and return postage/shipping are at your charge, which is why I am happy to liaise with you as long as you’d like before you purchase, so that you can buy with confidence.

Do you accept commissions and how do I arrange that?  Yes, commissions are accepted.  They can be decorative to suit your home or office, or they can be for portraits.  Prices depend on the subject and size.  Contact me directly to discuss without any obligation to proceed.

I prefer to speak on the phone, can I call you?  Yes, contact me via the contact page first and I can give you my phone number. I don’t post it publicly to reduce nuisance calls but am happy to speak to collectors of my art.

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