Crocomonkeyduck – Creativity by SBBoursot
Crocomonkeyduck – Creativity by SBBoursot

Paintings by SBBoursot

Whatever the subject, my loose style is evident, giving an interpretation of what is seen, never a copy.  The work has textures and many layers of paint and colour, blurring lines, softening edges.

On this page you can see my more recent paintings.  Painted and charcoal Portraits can be seen by clicking either on this link or on the drop down menu link.

My series on Magpies are inspired from the beauty and mythology of a bird often misjudged in most Western cultures.  From their blue turquoise tinged plumage and the romantic notion that they mate for life, the rhyme of interpreting different numbers of magpies seen together, their purported love of shiny objects, to their symbolism in Far Eastern cultures of intelligence, luck, happiness and good news. Magpies – whether they are hated or revered by people has more to do with nurture over nature,  something that I feel resonates at this period of time.

Commissions may be accepted – please use the contact form to start a discussion, with no obligation.  

To see more work , click on the links given after the gallery below or see SBBoursot in person at exhibitions

Sketches, experiments, works in progress etc, can be seen on the Facebook page. and also on Instagram .

This website is being worked on to provide the possibility of instant purchase or original works and high quality A4 size art prints.  In the meantime, please make direct contact or purchase from the online galleries (listed on FAQ page).

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