Commissions to paint a portrait of your own pet start at 35€ for a digital painting in the style of the Scottie above. It is sent to you via email and you can reproduce it (personal use only).  A charcoal/watercolour, in the style of “Petition for Lap” above, is 110€ for 18cm x 26cm on 100% cotton paper.

An acrylic painting, in the painting style of “Emile at the Window”, but obviously with your own photo and preferred colours, start at 200€ for a unique painting on canvas of  size 30cm x 40cm.

Any projects are discussed with you prior to undertaking the work to ensure you are happy with the colours and photo or portion of photo that I would work on.

Contact me direct to discuss your ideas, requirements and preferences.  I can also arrange payment via one of my online shops.