S.B. Boursot – Artist

Welcome to my artist website.

Painting is mostly what I do, working in a variety of mediums but particularly acrylics, and I am currently also working on some sculptures.

Whether the subject is nature, portraits or pets, my loose style of painting, working with layers of paint, blending the colours, is always evident, giving an interpretation of what I see not a copy, with a whimsical, sometimes ethereal touch.  There is often a story behind my work and i like to immerse myself into each painting. 

My inspiration comes from my surroundings and the way of life at my home in France, where I moved four years ago to the wine growing region of Burgundy, which has also allowed me to devote more time to my art. 

I enjoy experimenting on my own but continue to attend leisure classes at the Ecole des Beaux Arts to push me out of my comfort zone and for the community and feedback it provides.

Click on the images below to see further works in that category.  High quality A4 size art prints will soon be available directly from my shop on this website.  For original works and commissions, please contact me directly.   ADDENDUM: As this is taking me longer to set up than anticipated, please go to my shop on Artfinder shop for most works and to my Etsy shop for smaller works and prints.

Some further images of sketches, experiments, works in progress etc, may be seen on my Facebook page. and on my Instagram or the shops listed below.

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Portraits & Beyond
Scenes & Scenery


8-16 September 2018 at 20th Salon de Peinture de Sully

I will be at the Puces de l’Image at La Karrière 19 August 2018.

 June 2018 Special Recognition for painting “Soirée Brumeuse” in the Light Space Time Online Exhibition.

June 2017 Special Recognition for painting “Emile at the Window” in the Light Space Time Online Exhibition – Animals.

Prints on canvas of some my work can also be obtained at SBBoursot at Fine Art America.

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