SBBoursot’s expressionist sculptures are made from selected pieces of wood in different stages of decomposition, that are then reshaped and painted in sympathy with the piece.   They are highly original and intricate works, gleaming pieces that take on different hues with different lights, combine solidity and fragility.

These sculptures are born from the notions of ageing.  The wood may have been decaying, especially on the inside, in the same way as age and disease does in the body, but that doesn’t negate an inner beauty and light.  The exterior appearance as with humans, is a mixture of natural form or colour and enhancements of those features, through embellishments, additions and deletions.  Like wearing clothes, adding jewellery, makeup, tattoos, or surgery both medical and cosmetic; it’s the way we present ourselves to the world – for better or worse.  The openings in the sculptures allow light to show the interior, to see the inner light – and also the bugs eating away at us.  

Each work is entirely unique and cannot be duplicated: from the selected piece of decaying wood, to the changes made to it, the colours painted and any words engraved.

Photos currently being added.  The glossy finish and inclusion of metallic paints, allows each piece to take on different hues in different lights, but also make it quite difficult to take definitive photos.  Please make contact if you would like more photos or details of any piece.


First – the first sculpture worked on.  It is has blues, greens, purples and golds.  Two insects inside – one a moth that glows and a boring insect.  Splash-like flourishes on the side of transparent and coloured resin.  320€ + p&p

Tattoo: a tall piece with blues, greens, purples, golds, a glowing moth and boring insect inside with transparent frills around the stop and “tattoos” of sentiments ‘love’, ‘freedom’, and other classic tattoo designs of hearts, stars and flowers.  380€ + p&p

Worms: a small piece, accentuating the natural worm lines on one side, adding handmade worms, the other side has reds and golds on the bark area and carbon colours on the wood part, engraved with the words “The worms will always get you”.  It is intended as a humorous reflection on aging. 230€ +p&p

Crustacean: a work that has taken on a form that resembles a crustacean.  It has deep reds, golds and carbon colours, with a glowing moth.  260€ + p&p


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