Crocomonkeyduck – Creativity by SBBoursot
Crocomonkeyduck – Creativity by SBBoursot


How can I purchase your artwork? 

Currently, there are 2 ways: 1. contact me indicating the piece you want and where it is to be shipped to and I will respond with a quote, then follow with an invoice for payment via izettle.  2. Go to the online galleries listed further down, where you can buy instantly, for delivery.  

Do you accept commissions and how do I arrange that? 

Commissions are accepted, particularly for portraiture.  Contact me directly to discuss. After establishing what is wanted and that you want to proceed, I will send you a contract, a 50% non-refundable deposit payment is made and I begin work in the time frame discussed. I will send you photos of progress. Final payment is made before shipping. Examples, excluding shipping, for portrait commissions : charcoal portrait on A3 paper or on 50cm x 40cm canvas 600€ unframed, acrylic painting on cotton canvas is 1600€  for a size around 60cm x 75cm x 4cm. Linen canvas also available. I use only professional quality materials. Paintings are finished with final varnish, charcoals have sprayed fixative. Prices are for the work, they do not include any import duties or other similar tarifs of the country you live in, nor any transfer/currency fees related to your payment. 

How much will postage & packing be? 

If buying from one of the online galleries, this will already be stated.  You can use those as guides to the P&P for buying direct, until my own direct online shop is set up here.  Sculptures are placed with SaatchiArt (which has access to experienced shippers) for instant purchase, and their weights excluding packaging are listed on this site to give you an idea of the rate.  You can contact me about the piece you are interested in, advising where you want it shipped to, and I will work out the details for the piece you want.  Tarifs for p&p are passed on at cost without addition for time but please note that you may need to pay for import duties in your country. To be more environmentally responsible I recycle packing materials where possible, but only where this will not affect the safety of the artwork.  Generally, smaller works are sent in cardboard boxes or rolls, sculptures and larger or delicate works are likely to need wood crates. 

How can I know if the art will suit my decor? 

I can provide you with further photos and am currently working on videos too. If you send me a photo of where you want to place the work I can add a photo of the work to give you an indication of what it could look like.  If you find the piece doesn’t work for you after you’ve received it, you can return it to me within 7 days for a refund of the item (assuming it is in the same condition). Outward and return postage/shipping are at your charge, which is why I am happy to liaise with you as long as you’d like before your purchase, so that you can buy with confidence. 

I prefer to speak on the phone, can I call you? 

Yes, use the contact page to connect with me first and I will reply with my phone number. To reduce nuisance calls I don’t post it publicly, but I’m happy to speak to collectors and potential collectors of my art.

Which online galleries can I buy your original artworks from? 

Please click on the following links.  Not all works are with all galleries. Originals are currently at: SaatchiArt or Art Majeur

Can I get prints of your work?  

At the moment prints are made available at Art Majeur, and some more fun type animals at Redbubble or FAA Anything not listed that you want a print of, let me know and I will add it. 

What is Crocomonkeyduck? 

Crocomonkeyduck is a small wood sculpture from Africa that’s been in the family since childhood.  We thought it looked like a cross between a crocodile, a monkey and a duck, hence it’s name.