Crocomonkeyduck – Creativity by SBBoursot
Crocomonkeyduck – Creativity by SBBoursot


My expressionist sculptures are a mixture of abstract painting and form, exploring themes of ageing.

Created from selected pieces of wood in differing stages of decomposition, I reshape and paint them in sympathy with the piece, and to retain much of the naturally formed elements of shape and colour that have been proudly created over many years, and I adorned them with resin, that is also shaped.  They are works of many layers, combining solidity and fragility, gleaming pieces that take on different hues with different lights – natural, interior and also black light.  They can take on an appearance similar to ceramics and glass.  Each piece starts with a plan but I also allow each piece to develop its own personality. 

The decaying wood is no longer discarded but arrested at a moment in time, with enhancements of those features that portray a life lived, showing how they still have beauty and worth.

The glossy finish and inclusion of some metallic paints, allow each piece to provide new interest with changing light. They benefit from being placed in positions with good  and changing light.

Click on each image below to see a larger version, and click anywhere again to reduce it back to normal size. Dimensions are at largest/widest/longest points and weights are rounded and are of the sculpture alone without any packing materials.  

New works in process can be seen with this link.  Do return to this page soon, I am working on videos of the sculptures which are a better way to see 3d art work (you can sign up for blog notifications or follow me on social media to be notified when this is done).

I 2020 – A multi-layered tactile sculpture, with a lot of resin work, in blues and golds.  Size at longest points is 24cm long, 12cm high, 19cm width, and 160g.  450€ + p&p.

II 2020 – part of the new Pure series, where the main colours are shades of white, and where they will have a more functional aspect. The inside is a light blue and the resin has a darker blue tint in places. This piece is 24cm L x 8cm D at longest points.  Weight 150g.

The Insect Series

The insect series include hand made boring insects, butterflies or moths (with luminescent wings), and the openings in the sculptures allowing the inner light to be seen…and also the bugs eating away at us. Some pieces take on an aspect of treasure or creature from the deep sea. 

2019 I –  It is has blues, greens, purples and golds.  Two insects inside – one a moth that glows and a boring insect.  Splash-like flourishes on the side of transparent and coloured resin.   33cm x 15cm, 655g.   310€ + p&p

Tattoo: a tall piece with blues, greens, purples, golds, a glowing moth and boring insect inside with transparent gold and blue frills around the stop , with “tattoos” of sentiments ‘love’, ‘freedom’, and other classic tattoo designs of hearts, stars and flowers. 53cm x 11.5cm, 1.35kg   340€ + p&p

Worms: a small piece, accentuating the natural worm lines on one side, adding handmade worms, the other side has reds and golds on the bark area and carbon colours on the wood part, engraved with the words “The worms will always get you”.  It is intended as a humorous reflection on the cycle of life. 26cm long, 8cm wide, 4.5cm depth, 260g.  210€ +p&p

Inside I’m Still 21:  tall work with the self-explanatory “Inside I’m still 21, but I wear my age with pride,” engraved over different areas.  It has deep blues, turquoises and silvers, with a butterfly and boring insect inside, and clear and gold among the upper spread out sections.  310€ + p&p   Size at largest points: 53cm high x 15cm depth. Weight c. 3kg

Crustacean: a work that has taken on a form that resembles a crustacean.  It has deep reds, golds and carbon colours, with a glowing moth.  Length 25cm x height 9.5cm, 9cm width, 300g. 240€ + p&p

2019 II: a long, low sculpture, that resembles a stick insect in parts and crocodile skin.  It has mossy blues, golds, browns and olive hues on the outside and yellow, orange and phosphorescent blue on the inside.  Each end has transparent and gold resin shapes to finish, and there are 2 predatory insects and one butterfly inside. Height 23cm x 6cm width, x length 78cm, 1.3kg. 350€ + p&p